Have Hope

We Fell In Love Just Like That ..

Sometimes we fall in love instantly ..
Without thinking or planning for it.
We see that person for the first time
And suddenly become ready to sacrifice ourselves for them.

True love erases everything before it, and let nothing comes after it.

True love is a pure thing, lasts forever♡

Life is better when we lose our minds .

Life is better when we lose our minds .

Life is too short to cry for it

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it is just .. Life !

Life might hurt us, scare us, and leaves us alone without someone to take care of us. But we have to live it, fight for It, and have hope in it. Because that’s the only way we can continue living it. :)

We all make mistakes. There is nothing to be ashamed of :)

If you feel tired, take a break. You can’t fight forever ..

“Never Stop Trying !”
Don’t Be Sad

Sometimes you want something very badly, but for specific reasons you don’t get it. And you feel that the whole world is black because you lost or didn’t get the thing that you really want.
But be sure that after a while you will discover that that was for your best .. and you will find out how silly you were for being sad.
So Don’t Be Sad :) everything will be okay if you believe in it ^.^